Phase 2; Day 7

I did not lose any weight from Sat-Sun, but this morning I lost .8 lbs.. but I’m not worrying because I know why. I had a vodka and water on Saturday night, but it was because it was my last night before school started. While I regretted it, I’m not killing myself over it because I have yet to cheat once when it comes to food.. which is mind blowing. Also– I was having more like 3 tbsp of milk per day with the amount of coffee that I was drinking, so today it was just 1 tbsp, and hopefully the scale is in favor with me tomorrow morning!

Current weight: 129.8 (broke through the 130s!!!!)
Total net loss: 8.2 lbs

14.8 lbs to go until I’m at 115 ! 21 days until I’m done phase 2, so if I lose .5-1 lb per day, everything will be dandy. And it is perfectly doable if I stay on track as much as I have been!

It’s funny how your cravings change when you start to eat clean…. I’ve always HATED spicy foods. Like, mild is sometimes spicy to me.. but while on this diet, I’ve discovered a new found love for hot sauce. I made a buffalo chicken style salad the other night (hcg approved) and it. was. AMAZING. I’m now dipping pretty much everything in it, haha.

The only times I had to catch myself were when I was walking in the door from being out… my habit is to grab something small to eat or take a spoonful of ice cream, or a little puff of whipped cream… or even grab some crackers. I definitely thought I would be craving more things than I have been. The worst is food commercials.. I literally have to change the channel sometimes, haha.

I started back at school today (nursing school) so hopefully the stress doesn’t get to me over the next couple weeks. I tend to eat my feelings/stress, so this will be the true test! My days will also be longer due to studying and class, so hopefully I’m able to stay satisfied on my current food regime! Any tips or advice would be great!

21 days to go!!!


Phase 2; Day 5

So last night I decided to have a glass of wine. I researched it a little bit and a lot of posts that I found said that if you cut out your second snack, you shouldn’t have too much of a set-back with 1 glass of wine. So I skipped my second snack, and halfway through the glass I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I had been enjoying seeing the pounds come off in the morning. So I stopped drinking it. 

Got on the scale this morning, and still lost 1.2 lbs.. so I’m at 130.6… And I can’t help but wonder if I would have broken through the 130s had I not indulged  Oh well! Still a loss. Total net loss is 7.4 lbs in 5 days.. so I really can’t complain at all!

Going out to lunch at Outback with the beau today. Plan on getting a steak salad, minus the bad stuff, add some good stuff. Will bring my own dressing. Wish me luck!